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Introducing ChillBreeze the Sleek and compact personal air conditioning unit that pulls warm air in through its hydro-chilled evaporative water filter and cools, humidifies, and cleans for better air.

Air quality without ChillBreeze
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Introducing ChillBreeze:
Your Personal AC Unit On The Go

Perfect for Indoors to cool a room or outdoors to keep cool in the sun. The hyrdo-chill technology in the evaporative filter works instantly to cool air while purifying and hydrating air. Its compact, eco-friendly and can be charged by a standard wall plug or for the ultimate portable use on the go with any device with a USB port including a smart phone. It has a quiet, three speed fan that also comes equipt with adjustable air vents.

Once turned on the ChillBreeze houses a 750ml water port that actively humidifies along with multiple LED lighting options for outdoor fun or for subtle night time mood lighting.

The Benefits Of

5x Colder Than The Rest

  • Cutting edge Hydro-Cool technology that works with
    water evaporation to produce the coolest air.

  • Air is super cooled by being forced to sub zero
    zero temperatures and accelerated out of the vent.

  • Humidifies air through filtered vents
    eliminating dry, stagnant air

  • Circulates air with
    three different fan speed

Eco Friendly and Quiet

  • 350 watt energy saving
    cooling power

  • Sleek, compact, light
    weight design

  • Ultra quiet fan technology creates
    minimal noise output

  • Smaller and incurs
    lower operation costs.

Hydro-Cooling Technology At Work

  • Filtration System

    The science behind the filtration system starts at the intake vent allowing air to be taken into the machine by fans and forced through the state-of-the-art cooling system. Filters only need to be changed every six months running at full capacity and can be changed by simply opening the vent and removing the filter with two fingers.

  • Cooling Technology

    This device is Freon Free and uses one of a kind cooling technology to produce a steady flow of cool air that is filtered at the same time.

  • Moist Air

    While the air that enters the ChillBreeze is typically contaminated, warm and dry air – by the time the air leaves this process the air has been purified, chilled and humidified created ideal breathing conditions in the surrounding areas.

  • Build to Move

    ChillBreeze was designed to be mobile. Whether you are in a room and looking to get a good night sleep or outside enjoying the sun, the device weighs about two pounds when fully set up and operating with its water resevior.

Easy To Use And
Ready To Go In Minutes

Use ChillBreeze Wherever
You Need It!

Top ChillBreeze Features

  • Sleek & Compact

    The product was designed with functionality and mobility in mind. The device is made to be portable and carried, fitting into your hand. Its compact design was created for strength to protect the cutting edge technology located inside.

  • Cleans and Cools

    It is one thing to produce cool air but it is another to produce purified air. The designers left nothing out of this device by marrying the two necessities and creating a natural way to clean the air by filtering it through ultra-cooled water and in turn, creating chill air

  • Sustainable Air

    Air at the end of this deeply technical, yet quick process is pure, cool air that has been amplified by water. Moist air creates better breathing conditions and the human body only benefits from this

See What Recent
Customers Have Been Saying

Perfect next to the pool

I brought this out to the pool to use with my smart phone and it lasted the entire time I was out there! The water never ran out and my phone only lost a little bit of battery power. Highly recommend!

Jessica K.

Best sleep

I don’t have a fan in my room and the AC in my house costs so much money to use. I turned this thing on the first night and didn’t take my comforter off all night! The built in different color lights were pretty cool too.

Stan M.

Beyond thrilled

Usually devices like this cost a ton of money to run so I was more than skeptical to see my electricity bill.. No. Change. At. All. AND if you plug this into your phone (given you have an android) you really are winning!

Rocco S.

College life hack

I live in the dorms at college and needless to say it can get pretty hot in close living proximity. This was the easiest and most simple solution for a great price. Best purchase of college so far.

Tiffany N